lecube    independent art room    rabat - morocco
photo: Murat Germen, 2013
photo: Murat Germen, 2013
photo: Murat Germen, 2013
photo: Murat Germen, 2013

Since 2005 Le Cube acts as a space for artistic research, reflection and expression for young Moroccan and international artists. The space promotes exchanges by organizing projects in the artistic field, such as the reception of artists in residence and the promotion of contemporary visual arts through exhibitions, events and educational workshops.
Le Cube positions itself as a free and independent space that supports and accompanies young artists by advising them in their work and fostering theoretical and practical reflection. Artists are encouraged to express themselves freely and share their visions of the world and the contexts surrounding them.

To offer more than just an exhibition space Le Cube - independent art room enriches each exhibition with meetings and debates.
It has initiated projects that encourage artistic creation: the "summer's lab" for experimental artistic creation of Moroccan artists, "video night", a showcase of production and validation of video art, the initiative "new generation of art" providing an opportunity for young talents to create and show at Le Cube, and "curators zone", a project where independent curators are invited to organize a show in Le Cube in order to give a new dimension to the art space. 

Another field of activity is to promote contemporary art to young people with gallery visits and art workshops. 

Le Cube was also involved in the founding of a group of artists working as Collectif 212 and the Night of Galleries. It regularly collaborates with cultural institutions based in Rabat and with international art world organizations.

Le Cube – independent art room is part of the non-profit organization “Go Culture Maroc”.
All exhibitions and activities are free in order to allow more people to attend these events.


The video of Le Cube - a virtual tour (realised by Régis Baudy, 2013):