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Live Radio Happening

Anna Raimondo

30.01. - 30.01.2018




curators zone avec Julie Crenn et Pascal Lièvre

21.02. - 16.03.2018

    Residency from Fevruary 21 ti March 5
    Opening on February 23 at 6:30 pm
    Exhibition from February 24 to March 16. 2018
    Round Table at the Institut Français on Monday, February 26 at 7pm
    Second opening with new projects made in Morocco on Friday, March the 2nd at 7pm

HERstory is an exhibition of archives that promotes feminist voices, of men and women from all over the world.
During their residency, Julie Crenn and Pascal Lièvre are planning to receive and interview engaged artists and activists in Morocco, on their projects, but also on their position in relation to feminisms. The exhibition organized at Le Cube will include the diffusion of exclusive interviews conducted in Morocco, thusly enriching the portraits previously filmed in Paris, and a series of videos that include excerpts of conferences, songs or activist clips, collected in the internet. Moreover, a feminist library will be available to visitors during the whole exhibition period. These books written by authors who express themselves from different continents, attest to a dynamic and global critical commitment.
HERstory is an invitation to see, listen, read , inform, discover, exchange, meet, propose, debate, question and open up to the post-feminist thought.
Day by day, these extremely enriching thoughts spread out, contradict, and become more precise and refined. Therefore, they need to be circulated to generate a pluralistic view of our societies.

This project has been executed thanks to the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Stiftung, the Institut Français of Rabat and the pubislher houses tahin party, Nouvelles Questions Féministes, Mamelis and Amsterdam.


La Table des matières

Georges Didi-Huberman filmé par Henri Herré

10.05. - 22.06.2018

     Opening on Thursday, May 10, at 6:30 pm
     Exhibition from May 11 to June 22 2018

There are already many films about artists' studios. This one, in particular, is about the studio of a philosopher. He is a philosopher who, singularly, constructs his thoughts in front of our eyes, by hand, using tools that he has forged. (...-
It is not a film project in the sense that, one day, we have decided "to make a film" together, because we had the opportunity to do so. First and foremost, it is about making the work in progress more tangible and finding ourselves, each, with his tools in hand. So, we gather around the big sewing table that is a working table, but becomes, for this occasion, our "table of contents" gathering all these images that will be used for texts, conferences and exhibitions.
We proposed to film for two to three days a year, for several years. We never prepare for the filming. The artifice that consists of re-staging the work is never an option. It is the work itself that decides, takes the stage, and imposes its temporality. 
We strive for an open apparatus. (…) We release a butterfly in the camera field. We give it free rein, we give ourselves free rein, we give the spectator free rein; so that he can feel like a third person, our alter ego, around this table ... invitation to watch our work diary, trying to answer the delicate question: how to film the work of a thought?
Henri Herré and Georges Didi-Huberman